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Mustafa Akram
Finance & Operations
Director IQ Training Ltd.

Business operations,Corporate Compliance,Contracts, Client Care,
Partnerships & Finance expert
Phone:  +97 150 787 8293
A bit about me ...

Mustafa Akram was born and grew up in the U.A.E. where the drive for success and a strong business acumen is innate and built into the fabric of education and culture. Inspired by his Banker father and Educationalist mother, Mustafa has developed his business skills with his Uncle, also an esteemed professional, and is an established and much respected entrepreneur in the GCC and SAARC countries.


With over 20 years as a professional entrepreneur, establishing, developing and growing successful businesses has given him the skills essential in identifying consumer markets and to service the needs of his existing and potential Clients.


With a diverse experience in multi-brand product marketing and sales, Mustafa has a wealth of experience and knowledge on the intricacies working in non-European countries, making him a prized and essential member of the IQ Team. His skills as a business manager in dealing with essential elements of the business including finance, HR, cash flow, sales and marketing, make him the ideal Financial and Operations Director.


His passion for the education is reflected in his enthusiasm and professionalism and he is quick to learn and develop his understanding and working knowledge of the technology involved in the medical machines and medical platforms. Mustafa is a substantial asset to the IQ Team with his understanding in the various cultures within our market reach and is facilitating the growth of IQ Training both within and outside the U.A.E.

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